Bathroom & Shower Waterproofing Membranes

Showers and bathrooms are among the most frequent wet areas of every home. Therefore, selecting the appropriate membrane for your project is essential when it comes to waterproofing your bathroom.

ASAP Waterproofing Specialists use a range of membranes, including acrylics and hybrid polyurethane, unlike monomeric membranes that are brittle and may fail. We work with the top manufacturers committed to creating products that meet Australian Standards and harsh environments to provide top quality services to customers required for the waterproofing of bathrooms in Sydney.

Suppose you’re searching for shower or bathroom waterproofing services in Sydney to build a brand-new bathroom and shower or rebuild your inside wet space. In that case, it is essential to put in the right membrane to function and is applied properly by a certified applicator. Installers and supervisors must be aware of how the waterproofing system chosen is constructed when waterproofing wet areas in residential buildings. 

Shower waterproofing membranes must work with your completed flooring, including underfloor heating, wall and floor tiles, and adhesives. Here at ASAP Waterproofing, we employ this as a common procedure to meet your waterproofing requirements.

Issues With Internal Wet Areas

The waterproofing of wet areas, like shower recesses, bathrooms and bath hobs, is one of the most frequently recurring troublesome areas. They are regarded as a class one (major) construction defect in homeowners’ complaints about inadequate wet areas, and generally rank third. When you hire experienced waterproofing experts from the ASAP Waterproofing in Sydney, you can be sure of a correct assessment and offer your project the best chance to be long-term waterproofing solutions.

Design - What You Need To Know Before Waterproofing

Shower walls must be waterproofed up to 150 millimetres above the floor of the shower or 25 millimetres above any water retention level greater than 25 mm. Shower walls must be waterproofed to 1800 mm above the finished floor level or 150 mm over the shower head fixed.

The corners of the shower, both exterior and internal and horizontal joints, must be waterproofed inside the shower space. Joints made of plasterboard (outside shower) that extend into showers must be waterproof.

Showers that are not enclosed need to be waterproofed up to 1800 mm from the shower.

Tap-penetrations must be closed. Additionally, tap washers should be accessible without damaging sealing around the tap holes.

Surfaces that have horizontal or vertical surfaces adjacent to an insert bath must be sealed.

When flooring is waterproofed, the wall tanking must be a minimum of 25 millimetres over the floor’s finished level.

The bond-breakers need to be installed when the membrane is attached to the substrate at all hob-to-wall and wall-to-wall junctions and the joint joints for movement.

Hobs need to be built from concrete, masonry or similar materials. Hobs must not be constructed from wood, and Hobs need to be securely fixed to the floor.

The angle of water-stopping to showers must be completed in a straight line with the top of the floor that is finished. This angle is part of the waterproofing process and should be installed before the construction of the system for waterproofing.

Hob-less showers with enclosures should be fitted with angles that stop the water. The vertical part of the angle has to be at least 5 millimetres above the floor level. Completed floor.

Repairing holes must be secured. Flashing must be done in all wet areas. Applies to toilets and bathrooms. However, this is not the case in kitchens.

Frameless shower screens require an entire floor waterproofing system, or 1800 millimetres from the shower rose. In addition, when the water stop angle is used, the angles should be evident through the tiles.

A water stop should be put in place in all doors with wet areas.

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