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Water seepage and underground leaks are problematic at best and destructive and dangerous at worst.

They can hit your hip pocket hard, for the cost of repairs and reconstruction. Prevention is key as once a serious water seepage problem becomes evident, the damage is usually done.

ASAP Waterproofing Sydney specialises in professional waterproofing and damp proofing for the commercial and domestic construction industries. We provide state-of-the-art water proofing products and water seepage control strategies that provide the highest quality result for your project.

We also provides expert consulting services, including site analysis of existing or potential water leakage to buildings and foundations.

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Liquid Membrane Systems
Liquid Membrane Systems
We utilise a variety of Liquid membrane systems depending on the job requirements. Our first choice is a Tamsi Liquid membrane System as it provides the benefits of a durable sheet membrane with the unique feature of a multi layer seamless finish, eliminating joints, overlaps and other risk points associated with welding and abutting traditional sheet membrane systems. Tamsi epoxy primer and TOUGH PU is perfect for permanent exposure to varying climatic conditions and light traffic.
PVC Sheet Membrane Systems
PVC Sheet Membrane Systems
ASAP Waterproofing Specialists are experts in Sheet Membrane Systems. We predominately recommend and install PVC and Butynol sheet membrane systems. These systems have 15-30 year manufacturers warranties with a long expected lifespan. We recommend sheet membranes in high risk areas such as roofs, balconies and planter boxes. ASAP Waterproofing has experienced PVC sheet membrane installers that are certified by membrane manufacturers.
Remedial Waterproofing
Remedial Waterproofing
Asap Waterproofing are experienced in checking and reporting on issues where water ingress is occurring and a solution is needed. Apart from carrying out new work for Architects and Builders the majority of our work over 30 years has been rectification and replacement of failed or old membrane systems for residential,strata and commercial clients. Asap can inspect buildings or projects and provide a free quotation. We provide a range of Sheet and Liquid membrane systems from 6-20 year warranties.


Products used are chosen to suit the individual requirements of each job. These are some of the products frequently used by us:


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